Trigger Point Therapy

Using our knowledge of sports biomechanics and palpation, we will identify the location of trigger point, stiff muscle and limited ROM – Range of Motion, which causes poor posture and movement.
Some effective massage tecnique from our Motion Analysis Clinical Massage will also be provided. This method dramatically rehabilitates the entire neuromuscular system using re-aligned posture and movement. We will tailor the course to suit your individual needs.

1   For the person who has poor posture and movement caused by tensed muscle or a trigger point, we will identify and inform you of the primary location of trigger point by an anatomical approach, then we will work to treat those problems to improve posture and movement.

2   For the person who has limited Range of Motion (ROM) in the joints we will work effective stretching technique with and without a partner. Stretches (individual and with a partner) are also used to maximize the benefits of the exercises. These stretches are designed to work in accordance with your individual ROM (Range Of Motion) and level of flexibility. Sometimes, to avoid compression o the joint by stretching, we focus on Active Soft Tissue Release for increased safety.

3   To gain wider Range of Motion in each joint for excellent physical performance, we use yoga massage for stretching. In addition , we apply direct stretching by applying oil to gain a wider range of motion. With this technique muscles are stretched and ROM (Range of Motion) is improved.