Motion Analysis Clinical Massage – Basic Course

Misaligned posture causes stiff muscles and trigger points in the body. We study how to assess misaligned posture by using palpation and anatomical knowledge. By using Motion Analyzed Clinical Massage, which combines trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and stretching,  your clients’ posture and movements will be properly realigned. This will keep bones and joints in the correct alignment so that your clients’ muscle tension and pain will be released.

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by learning biomechanics of human body posture and movement in our course, you can individually tailor the massage to improve your client’s posture and movements.
We study how to correctly identify poor posture and faulty movements by focusing on palpation, functional anatomy, and sports medicine. The primary aim of the Clinical Massage techniques offered and taught is how to evaluate and work with imbalances in the body to improve posture and movement. By focusing on an anatomical approach to realignment of the body, you can give effective massage, rather than just relaxation.

Time Itinerary
Course Name  Motion Analysis Clinical Massage – Basic 5 days course
Course Fee Course fee 4,800 THB
(* You can start any day because the course contents are specifically designed for individual days )
Course Schedule 09:00 – 10:00 Balance Ball Yoga – Basic course
10:00 – 12:00 Palpation to functional anatomy and sports medicine
13:00 – 15:00 Deep tissue Clinical Massage and Trigger point therapy
Course contents – Functional anatomy to improve your palpation
– Stretching with partners to release stiff muscles
– Trigger point therapy for realignment of the body
– Individual Muscle Stretching- Sports medicine to avoid injury.This course is recommended for all kinds of massage therapists who wish to know how to give an effective massage. By learning about Biomechanics, we will study what kind of faulty movements cause pain in our daily activities, as well as how to avoid and treat that pain using analyzed motion clinical massage.
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Our Original Teaching Method to improve therapist’s posture and movement

To improve massage therapist posture and movement, we practice Balance Ball Yoga (Basic Course) in this course. By practicing yogic postions on the balance ball, your posture and movement are aligned, therefore your massage techniques are dramatically improved.