Motion Analysis Clinical Massage – Advanced Course

Each segment of your body affects posture and movement. We will study how to assess body movement and which segment of the body is causing poor movement by using palpation and functional anatomy. After identifying the primary muscle or area causing the faulty movement, you will learn how to treat the area by using clinical massage, which combines trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage, as well as Thai yoga massage, to improve the movement.

Clinical Massage Advanced Course

The goal of this course is to discover the weak link or links in the kinetic chain movement and compose the proper clinical massage therapy to meet the needs of each specific client. Rather than isolating a specific body part, this clinical massage rehabilitates the entire neuromuscular system linking each segment to the next.

Time Itinerary
Course Name Motion Analysis Clinical Massage – Advanced 5days course
Course Schedule 09:00 – 10:00 Balance Ball Yoga – Basic course
10:00 – 12:00 Palpation to functional anatomy and sports medicine
13:00 – 15:00 Advanced massage and stretching training lessons
Course contents -Functional anatomy to improve the quality of your palpation
-Stretching with partners to improve the ROM in each joint
-Trigger point therapy to improve posture and movement-Deep tissue massage to improve range of motion and movement
-Sports biomechanics to avoid injury
Course Fee  5300 THB
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trigger point massage

Our original teaching method

Massage Therapists who have poor posture and faulty movements cannot perform effective massages. Poor posture causes an imbalance of pressure for the client, which not only leads to lower back pain for the therapist during massage sessions but also causes misalignment in the body of your clients. To avoid those problem, we practice balance ball yoga to improve posture and movement.  As shown in the picture on the above, sometimes the trigger points and stiff muscles are located in the deep layers of the muscle. In order to approach these muscles, we use many effective positions found in thai yoga massage, as well as in our original technique.