RSM International School Chiang Mai, Thailand


RSM international school offer Sports Medicine Courses shown below

– Balance Ball Yoga – Posture Improvement 5 day course
– Balance Ball Yoga – Basic Course
– Balance Ball Yoga – Advanced Course
– Balance Ball Yoga – Accredited Instructor 4 week Training Course

Poor posture and movement are often caused by muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns. This will lead your body to have swelling and irritation of the associated soft tissue, nerves and joints. By practicing balance ball yoga, your body is naturally re-educated to have a neutral position. This will help not only to prevent strain or overuse problems, but also to have better posture and movement in many activities. Throughout the Balance Ball Yoga course, your posture is dramatically improved and you can have pain-free movement in your body.

– Motion Analysis Clinical Massage – Basic 5 day course
– Motion Analysis Clinical Massage – Advanced 5 day course

Misaligned posture causes stiff muscles and trigger points in the body. We study how to assess misaligned posture by using palpation and anatomical knowledge. By using Motion Analysis Clinical Massage, which combines trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and stretching, your clients ’ posture and movements will be properly realigned. This will keep bones and joints in the correct alignment so that your clients ’ muscle tension and pain will be released. You can individually tailor the massage to improve your client ’s posture and movement.

RSM International School Chiang Mai, Thailand
Hironori Ikeda